I am a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Hohenheim. My main research interests are online communication, media use and effects, and quantitative methods, especially data collection and statistical modeling.

My official department homepage at the University of Hohenheim. Check out my CV for a complete list of publications and presentations.


2016-11-01. Journal article published: How measurement error in content analysis and self-reported media use leads to minimal media effect findings in linkage analyses: a simulation study. (with Marko Bachl). Political Communication.

2016-08-27. Journal article published: Longitudinal patterns of involvement in cyberbullying: Results from a latent transition analysis. (with Ruth Festl, Jens Vogelgesang and Thorsten Quandt). Computers in Human Behavior.

2016-03-27. Journal article published: The accuracy of self-reported internet use: A validation study using client log data. Communication Methods & Measures.

2016-02-17. Journal article published: Disclosure Management on Social Network Sites: Individual Privacy Perceptions and User-Directed Privacy Strategies (with Philipp Masur). Social Media & Society.

2015-11-15. Two new book chapters published, one in German and one in French (!).
Eine quantitative Bestandsaufnahme von Informationen über Krankheiten auf der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia, 2002-2014 [A quantitative analysis of disease-related information on Wikipedia]. (with Marko Bachl)

Twitter comme média pour la communication transfrontalière des événements locaux: exploration d‘une approche empirique. [Transnational Twitter communication: An exploration study of local event tweets.] (with Thilo von Pape)