I am currently postdoctoral research associate at the University of Hohenheim. My main research interests are online communication and quantitative methods, especially data collection and statistical modeling. I also enjoy developing software, mostly for content analysis and other means of data mining and analysis.


2016-03-27. Journal article published: The accuracy of self-reported internet use: A validation study using client log data. Communication Methods & Measures.

2016-02-17. Journal article published: Disclosure Management on Social Network Sites: Individual Privacy Perceptions and User-Directed Privacy Strategies(with Philipp Masur). Social Media & Society.

2015-11-15. Two new book chapters published, one in German and one in French (!).
Eine quantitative Bestandsaufnahme von Informationen über Krankheiten auf der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia, 2002-2014 [A quantitative analysis of disease-related information on Wikipedia]. (with Marko Bachl)

Twitter comme média pour la communication transfrontalière des événements locaux: exploration d‘une approche empirique. [Transnational Twitter communication: An exploration study of local event tweets.] (with Thilo von Pape)

2015-10-10. Journal article published: The individual or the group: A multilevel analysis of cyberbullying behavior in school classes (with Ruth Festl and Thorsten Quandt). Human Communication Research.

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