I am currently postdoctoral research associate at the University of Hohenheim, Germany and senior researcher in the ERC-funded project on the Social Foundations of Online Gaming at the University of Münster. My main research interests are online communication and quantitative methods, especially data collection and statistical modeling. I also enjoy developing software, mostly for content analysis and other means of data mining and analysis.


2014-10-12. Book chapter published: Pathologische Formen der Online-Kommunikation: Exzessive Nutzung von Social Media und Online Games [Pathological forms of online communication]. (with Thorsten Quandt and Ruth Festl). In K. Hurrelmann & E. Baumann (Hrsg.), Handbuch Gesundheitskommunikation.

2014-07-16. Journal article published: Longitudinal patterns of problematic computer game use among adolescents and adults—a 2-year panel study (with Ruth Festl and Thorsten Quandt). Addiction.

2014-01-23. Journal article published: Press CRTT to measure aggressive behavior: The unstandardized use of the Competitive Reaction Time Task in aggression research. (with Malte Elson, Rohangis Mohseni, Johannes Breuer and Thorsten Quandt). Psychological Assessment.

2014-01-12. Journal article published: Sore losers? A re-examination of the frustration-aggression hypothesis for co-located video game play (with Johannes Breuer and Thorsten Quandt). Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

2013-11-15. I have joined the editorial board of Communication Measures and Methods.

2013-11-10. Journal article published: Digitale Spiele. Stabilität im Wandel [Digital games: stability and change] (with Thorsten Quandt, Johannes Breuer and Ruth Festl). Media Perspektiven.

2013-11-02. Journal article published: Recycled Media: An automated evaluation of news outlets in the 21st century (with Elisabeth Günther). Digital Journalism.

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